El Jazzeiro, jazz meets pandeiro

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El Jazzeiro

EL JAZZEIRO originates from the unusual meeting of the harmonic and melodic lines of jazz music with the rhythmic base provided by pandeiro, an instrument that includes the essence of traditional and modern Brazilian percussion.
The name of the band represents the synthesis between the words "jazz" and "pandeiro": the word "jazzeiro", both in Portuguese and Spanish, means "jazz musician".This name expresses the intention to interpret jazz without borders, by creating vivid funky grooves, with latin influences and the pulses of African-American music' black soul, to trace their ancestral characters.
The enthusiast traveling companions of this musical exploration are Giuliano Tull (saxophone), Giorgio Pacorig (Rhodes piano), Roberto Franceschini (bass) and Pai Benni (pandeiro). These musicians, in different proportions, have always entrusted their notes to jazz and Brazilian popular music.The repertoire varies from self produced jazz tracks to standards by several authors from John Coltrane to Horace Silver, re-elaborated on rhythmic bases that draw from the Afro-Brazilian tradition such as samba, partido alto, ijexà and maracatù, following and developing the trail marked by American musician Scott Feiner, pandeiro virtuoso who first valorized this instrument in jazz music.